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Following Features will be integrated in School Management System:-

Admission management(SMS support)-

Student Admission Data entry with image

Ability to upgrade class or make pass out

All student report and quick search/Print

Examination Management(SMS support)-

Exam Setup

Grade Master

Student Marks sheet generation/Print

All Student Performance Report and quick search/Print

Attendance Management(SMS support)-

Daily Attendance with Biometrics for staff and students

Attendance Report and Quick Search/Print

Transport Management(SMS support)-

Root Management

Root wise transport fee master

Student Report Root Wise

Account Management(SMS support)-

Student Fees Accounting

Salary and other expense Accounting

Overall Balance Sheet Generation

Time Table Management(SMS support)-

Time Table Generation For Notice Board

Time Table Report Generation

Payroll Management(SMS support)-

Salary issue and Salary slip Generation/Print

Staff Attendance Report/Print

Staff Performance Report /Print

Full Report Generation/Print

Library Management(SMS support)-

Author, publisher and subject wise book Mgmt

Quick book Search

Issued book to student and staff