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Almost all parameters & policies can be customized
Even business processes can be configured
User defined defaults are used to speed up operations
User specific forms make pre-printed stationary is redundant
No practical limitation on records for any codes

System administration & Security

Users management
User defined set of emergency reports as back-up through breakdowns
Back up critical daily operational reports
Folio retrieval from archives
Password protected database
Audit journal of data changes

User features

Access by user identification & password
Read/write access restrictions per user type
Activity logging
Colour customization per user
Unlimited 'favourite' functions per user
Closed group user mailing
User notepad


Reports on screen, to printer or to file
Export reports to variety of file formats
Excel based report writer
Include user developed reports in menu
User specified and system alerts

Rooms & rate management

Rooms availability
Over / under-booking
Multi- currency room rates
Up to 8 pax occupancy rates
Rates for specific rooms
Rates inclusive / exclusive of taxes
Complex tax handling
On Rack Rate
Based on rate bands
Fixed amount
Add-on Meal Plans or inclusive Terms
Auto-post charges
Rate stop sell
Minimum Rate of the Day
Auto increment minimum rate
Arrival / departure restrictions
Cancellation policy
One year availability chart
Floor plan with zoom to guests and status
Occupancy forecast
Market segment wise forecast
Current House status
Room planning rack
Availability chart
Package master & description
Occupancy forecast with / without revenues


Corporate accounts
Contact information
Rate contracts
Other discounts
Production history
Future reservations
Agents / Operators
Contact information
FIT & Group contracts
Multiple contract rates
Early booking incentive
Long stay incentive
Children's age based discounts
Rates based on youth/child occupancy
Production history
Future reservations
Forecast/Contingency plan

Guest in history

Contact information
Room preferences
Billing instruction
Personal events
Card & memberships
Summary or detailed visits history
Summary or detailed revenue history Multiple notepads
Complaints & comments
Merge/purge guests in history
When used with Central Guest History Family
User defined attributes
Incidents history
Guest feedback
Communications log

Contact management

Diary to quickly access any customer
Contact history log
Next planned call


Master lists
Rate contract letters
Print, fax or email
Production reports
Direct mail labels
Client contact log
To do list

Individual guests

Single form for all actions - confirm, waitlist, cancel, modify and decline
Advanced guest search with filters applied to results
Rates assigned based on corporate/agent affiliation
Print/fax/email offers, confirmation, cancellation, etc. Optionally, save
Guest traces

Data per guest

Name and contact
Arrival / departure
Adult / youth / child pax
Rate & meal plan or terms
Room type / number / attributes requested
Affiliation for contracted rate
Allotment usage, if applicable
Special service requests
Segment, source, domicile classification
Passport / identification / visa details
Electronic storage
Billing instructions
Automatic charge routing template
Automatic discount calculation
Automatic charges
Settlement mode & credit / card information
Transfer details
Loyalty affiliation
Log of updates to key fields
Guest traces
Communication log


Optional auto search in history for new reservations
Auto check for suspected duplicate reservations
Sharers with staggered stay dates
Confirm / waitlist a new request
Modify / cancel a confirmed reservation
Confirm a waitlisted reservation
Decline a reservation
Day use reservations
Dummy room reservations
Copy an existing guest record to create a new reservation
'Option' date in reservation
Pre-arrival guest messages
'Password' controlled override of system rates
Link to guest history - manual or computer aided
Proforma invoice
Advance deposit Prompt retention as per Cancellation policy

Front desk

Assign rooms - manually or system assigned
System assignment of least used rooms
Pre-assign rooms for VIP arrivals
Check in guest with reservations
'Queue' check-ins when rooms not ready
Check-in walk-in guests
Re-check-in checked-out guest
'Walk' guests but maintain local folio
Attach folio if and when guest returns
Make non-guaranteed reservations 'no show' at fixed time of day
Fast check in
Modify guest record
Add a sharer
Accompanying pax, optionally, with history
Scanty baggage flag
Guest message
Optional, guest message delivery by mobile SMS
Guest locator message
Room transfer with automatic transfer of folios
Room type upgrade
Upto 4 sharers per room
Wake up service
Open / close phones
Assign direct phone lines to guest
Black listed guest tracking
Passport/Id image scan
Export guest details per statutory requirements / Police Report
Property specific registration card format


Reservations activity reports
Expected arrivals reports
In-house guest lists
Expected departures report
Registration card print
Airport transfer list
Special services list
Meal planning list
Room transfer audit list
Discount rooms report
Guest record update log
Security reports
Loyalty program production

Groups handling

Group master information
Tentative or cancelled groups
Group block with block release date
Multiple room types in group block
Variable number of rooms per day
Rooming list
Sharers in rooming list with staggered stay dates
Download details from master to members
Group Log for major modifications
Group movement
Group billing instruction
Member billing instructions
Automatic charge routing template
Assign rooms, optionally, on specific floor
Group Proforma invoice
Group Series
Master template
Auto-generate series blocks in repeating arrival pattern
Cancel series blocks
Group utilities-
Auto generate rooming list
Move block to another room type
Change arrival or departure or both dates
Change and copy to some or all group member
Billing instructions
Segment or source
Fast check in of some or all group members
Group traces for follow up
Expected arrivals report - with / without members
In-house group list - with / with out member folio balances (extras)
Expected departures list - with / without members
Groups blocked/picked-up chart
Group trace list
Group movement list
Group Series List
Group Series production

MIS / Statistics

User defined MIS periods
On screen flash
Spreadsheet or graph view
Cross-tab MIS by periods database for ad-hoc user queries
ODBC interface for extraction of statistical data to - for example, spreadsheets.
Actual production, variance & trend reports
Daily statistics by -
Market segment
Business source
Revenue type
Charge code
Period wise Statistics by -
All as in daily statistics plus
Corporate accounts
Agents / Operators
Room type
Rate type

Telephone operator

Room/guest inquiry
Telephones directory
Post manual charges
Open/close room phones
Guest messages handling

Front Office Cashiering

Special accounts for non-room accounts
Dummy rooms with guest details
Optional phone extensions to special accounts with automatic call billing
Guest / account inquiry by name or number
Post / void / allowance charges
Batch posting of repetitive charges
Late charge posting
Automatic calculation of tax/ VAT
Automatic application of applicable discounts
Automatic routing of charges as per charge routing template
Late departure / half day / day use charge posting
View POS checks (only Touch´┐Ż POS)
Edit charge description for printing on folio
Transfer charges to any one of 8 folios per guest
Concealed folios (agent / operator charges)
Dynamic folio analysis
Transfer charges or amounts from one guest to another
Multi-settlement of folios - cash, credit card or city ledger
Treat credit card as cash or credit card settlement
Settle to multiple City Ledger accounts per guest
Over credit limit status from City Ledger
Foreign exchange encashment
Transaction posting/settlement in Foreign currency
Check-out guests subject to settlement of folio and return of all loaned items
Fast check-out of Group Members
Bills in hold
Property specific folio format
Property specific voucher formats
Configurable posting of vouchers when transactions posted
Transactions list by
Transaction type
Room number
Cashier's shift report
Voided transactions list
Folio print out / re-print
Long stay folio for date range
Folio in guest's language
Invoice print
Print receipts
Print encashment certificates
Invoice register
VAT register
Bills on hold report

Night audit

'Non-stop' night audit
Back-ups without work stoppage
Property specific reports printing /back-up