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Beware of frauds : Matrop private limited only take payment in official company account in the name of matrop private limited for every type of service or products we offer.Do not pay in personal account of any related or unrelated person for any service or product.Matrop Private Limited do not take responsibility if somebody paid someone in their personal account and matrop private limited do not recognize such payments.

Following Features will be integrated in your upcoming website:-

Information Website management-

About Us, History, Management, Vision


Address to reach

Contact with Map

Online enquiry

Inventory Management for e_shop-

3-layer category with product image

stock, max purchase limit, price, unit, size, description

Payment Management-

Home Delivery

Payment gateway

Delivery Management-

List of order

Ability to change status delivered/undelivered

Total data search/review option

Accounting Software-

Manage tax, income, expenditure

Balance sheet Per-day /Monthly/yearly

Ledger/product wise transaction

Offer/Discount Management

Note: This quotation is for your reference purpose only. We will welcome any

Type of customisation or features add.