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Trading - Wholesale and Retail Distribution

Wholesale Distribution:

Differentiate your wholesale distribution business no matter its size with software that helps you proactively understand your customers' product and service needs. Plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyze all on one unified IT platform. And follow insight with flawless execution to achieve operational excellence, profitable growth, and improved cash flow.


Increased revenue growth and sales volume per employee Faster, more accurate supplier chargeback claims Reduced days sales outstanding and shorter financial close cycles Improved operating margins and employee productivity Lower cost of goods sold and operating expense Improved inventory accuracy and turns

Retail Distribution

Expand your business with confidence by relying on software designed for the engineering, construction, and operations industry. Get the support you need to better manage your projects, equipment, workforce, and financial operations and make more informed decisions quickly with access to real-time information.


Improved average project margin and reduced margin variance Fewer unexpected project cost over runs
Faster, savvier decision making with access to real-time insights
Maximized labor and equipment productivity
Accelerated processing and monetization of project scope changes
Better project cash position and liquidity
Reduced number of days revenue outstanding